@ Grandma Sallys Farm,

                         Food Is Organically Raised Without Chemical Inputs Or Tillage.

     (Donovan & Malaina) Farm One Acre Of Land @ Home In Chula Vista, Using Organic Practices To Encourage Soil Fertility.  While Avoiding Use Of Machines That Allow Toxic Fumes & Chemicals To Spill Onto The Growing Food & Soil.


We Want Food That We Can Feel Safe About Eating And Sharing With Our

Children, Family & Community.


We Use Eco-Friendly Tools, Such As A Broadfork, A Rake, A Tilther, A Shovel & Other Small Non-Toxic Hand Tools.  We Also Practice Sustainable Gardening By Companion Planting, Crop Rotating, Cover Cropping, Inviting Beneficial Insects & Other Micro Farmers To Aide In Tending The Land.


‘We Believe That Having Local Access To Food We Can Trust Is Vital To Our Sustainability.

Meeting The Individuals That Tend To That Sustainability & Learning About The Practices Used Should Be Normal When Purchasing Food/Water. “ –


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Where You Can Meet The Farmers, See/Learn Our Organic Practices,

& Pick Up Real Farm Food…

The Foods We Sell Are All Guaranteed To Be Raised @ Grandma Sallys Farm.

We Do Not Purchase Food & Resale It.


( 619 ) 456 - 7906


  Donovan Malaina Buford